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Civil Law/Procedure

Leistungsschutzrecht for German Print Media--An Ancillary Copyright Protection (Felix Gebhard, 25 March 2013)

The Reduction of Staff Working Hours in German Law (Jessica Ohle, March 9, 2009)

Recent Trends in German Employee Compensation (Jessica Ohle, October 2, 2008)

Piercing the Veil of Associations (Gunnar Pietsch, June 6, 2006)

Director and Officer Indemnification by Bank (Anne Lehder, April 3, 2006)

Commercial Use of Domain Names Under German Law (Sebastian Meis, January 26, 2006)

Reform of the German Law Against Unfair Competition (Ulrich Bäumer, July 8, 2004)

Compulsory Software License Under E.U. Competition Law (Susanne Wagner-Pham, May 17, 2004)

Software Escrow in Europe Coming of Age (Stephan Peters March 25, 2004)

Information Technology Law: Second Bavarian IT Day (Stephan Meyer, November 20, 2003)

E.U. Owes Compensation to Companies for Failure to Comply with WTO Mandate? (Werner Berg, October 6, 2003)

German Supreme Court Recognizes U.S. Corporations (Susanne Wagner, August 12, 2003)

New Corporate Form: Societas Europeae (Florian Hauswiesner, July 17, 2003)

New Corporate Name Requirement Effective April 2003 (Jens Nebel, April 24, 2003)

Information Technology Law: First Bavarian IT Day (Stephan Meyer, October 20, 2002)

Domain Names: Some Notorious Names Protected by German Supreme Court (Christian Schröder, July 5, 2002)

Software Escrow - A Solution in Germany (Christian Kast, Stephan Meyer, Bea Wray, May 24, 2002)

Domain Name Like Employer's Corporate Name Triggers Dismissal (Olaf Herrmann, October 20, 2001)

German Privacy Law on Web Site Data (Tim Wittwer, April 16, 2001)

Contingency Fees in Germany (Cornelia Emmert, March 16, 2001)

Lien, Garnishment of Domain Name in German Courts (Clemens Kochinke, February 20, 2001)

Liability for Unavailability of German Online Bank (Susanne Wagner, January 11, 2001)

German Domain Name and Trademark Law (Thorsten Dardat, October 12, 2000)

Liability for EMail (Clemens Kochinke, June 19, 1999)

European Directive 1999/5/EC on Telecommunication Hardware (Kerstin Grote, April 12, 2000)

Simplified Collection Claim Processing in Germany (Kerstin Grote, May 12, 2000)

The Business of Private Cease-and-Desist Orders (Christiane Krüger, May 15, 2000)

German EURO Currency Statute (Jens Kleiner, Winter 1997/98)

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